Joanna Brouk Royal Rogues

Lost Eros: Book 2 – Royal Rogues

Sexual Mysteries Through the Ages

   A journey across countries and eras to uncover sexual secrets and assemble the lost pieces of an ancient mystery. 

“Woman much missed, how you call to me, call to me …”  ~ Thomas Hardy 

Jupiter and Io by Gustav Klimt 
Summary: Overwhelmed by her vision of the last days of Atlantis and haunted by the memory of a mysterious lover who initiates her in the art of love, Lucia Kumari runs off to India to find answers to her riddles. On the plane, she meets Dr. David Prichard, authority on the ancient sex manual, Kama Sutra who is headed to Delhi for an urgent meeting of the Royal Rogues—a secret society of sexual scholars—to discuss the disappearance of rare erotica. Lucia and David launch on a journey across continents—and eras—to uncover sexual secrets and assemble the lost pieces of an erotic puzzle.

Notes about the Art: Correggio’s masterpiece, Jupiter and Io shows the king of the gods,  masked in a cloud, making love to the nymph Io. The genius of this piece is the contrast – and unity – between the translucent figure of Jupiter (whose face is barely visible), and the sensual substance of Io’s body, shown lost in an erotic rapture. The adoration/unity of the human and the divine is a central theme in the book.



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