Dragon’s Daughter


Love and War in the Dark Ages

700 AD. Barbarians are sweeping over Gaul. Driven by an overwhelming desire for blood, their unstoppable urge is to destroy. These savages devastate cultures in a period aptly named the Dark Ages. No one can stop them. No one. Except one girl.

“My name is Melisande. I am the destroyer.”

General Bevan is assembling an army to fight the horde. He senses Melisande is trouble when she is brought before him in chains to train as a warrior. Not only is she a wilding from the woods and a descendent of the Nagas, a rogue tribe from Atlantis who are void of humanity and will stop at nothing to become the super-race; but her abilities could be Gaul’s only hope against the horde.

“She can see like an eagle, run like a deer, and hunt like a wolf.”

Melisande is about to confront an extremist enemy, not only from the barbarians, but within herself when her own wildings call her back to the woods. She has to confront an unwanted passion beyond her wildest imaginings and decide which side she is on …

“I could run like a deer, see like an eagle, and hunt like a wolf.”

Summary: Found in an eagle’s nest by Riva, the village midwife, and trained by the general, Melisande has powers humans lack. She can run like a deer, see like an eagle, and hunt like a wolf. The general says she can be a great warrior and fight the horde, but she can’t do it alone, so they gather help: the tribal guardians who cast ancient spells; Mist who can see the future; Red who brings dragons; and the greatest gift of all, Prince Brann. But Melisande is constantly called back by the howl of the wolf.

So which side is she on?

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Dragon’s Daughter is the third book in the Lost Eros Saga in which seven groups of survivors of Atlantis pass through a time portal and emerge thousands of years and miles apart at key moments in earth’s history to save mankind.

Note: This video was written by Joanna Brouk and produced by Brouk Peters on Vimeo.

A combination of video clips were used to assemble this trailer including: Snow White and the Huntsman; Hanna; Kingdom of Heaven; Silent Hill Revelation; Two Towers; The Dordogne, France: Lascaux’s Cave Paintings; Robin Hood; Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves; Hunger Games; National Geographic: Golden Eagle v. Hare; Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2; The Last of the Mohicans; Prince of Persia.  Music Credits: The Last of the Mohicans; Danny Cocke – World Collapsing. Neither Anna Aberdeen nor Brouk Peters claims ownership of any of the clips used in this video.

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